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Welcome to the Unity of Melbourne Multimedia pages.  We at Unity have volunteers trawling the internet to find you the most uplifting content from music to intervies and talk shows, podcasts of all types and of course there in UnityTV.  Some of the material is explicity spiritual in nature and some is simply great content that the world produces, everything we chose to put on this website though is selected to uplift the you the individual in your daily life.  We hope you enjoy what you find here and at any time feel free to send us feedback, you can use the stars over each item or you can email us via the Contact Us page. 

Thank you for taking the time to check out what's on offer at Unity of Melbourne.


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  UnityTV is where you will find all of our Video content.
  We record our weekly Sunday Services and also interviews with   visiting presenters and other functions that happena t Unity of   Melbourne.  We also post some fabulous YouTube content that our   voluteers locate for your enjoyment.



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  Unity Interactive Radio is where you will find our Soundcloud   channel and our Spotify channel.  With playlists updated throughout   the week   we'll keep you informed with the very best spiritual   education podcasts   we can find and entertained with themed music   playlists.  Listen Your Way every day.




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Do you have a Pinterest account?  If so why not check out Unity of Melbourne on Pinterest.  With new photos and digital artwork uploaded regularly you are guaranteed to find something to peak your interest.  Log in browse and share Unity with your friends.




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You can check out our website photo galleries here.  Featuring pictures taken at events hosted by Unity of Melbourne.