sylvia currentA Meditation with Rev. Dr. Sylvia Eriksson.....




 The Holy Spirit will teach you at that very hour what you ought to say

~ Luke 12 : 12 ~


 Today I turn to my indwelling Christ for divine direction in all I say and do.

As I rest in the radiance of the Christ Light I give thanks for the empowerment of my imagination as it shapes and brings my creative thoughts into manifestation.

Anything I am inspired to imagine today, believing, and backed by my feelings, my faith and my conviction, will be enlivened by the creative power of Divine Intelligence to manifest as greater Good.

I am inspired to think only that which is helpful, uplifting and of benefit to all.

I am confident as I face the pressures of the day because I know that “at that hour” the Holy Spirit will teach me what to do and what to say.

Above all, I know that I am safely held in God”s Love.

Rev. Dr. Sylvia Eriksson.