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Unity Interactive Radio Bigger and Better for 2016

Unity of Melbourne's brand new internet Radio station launches today.....


Unity of Melbourne's brand new internet Radio station launches today and we couldn't be more excited to announce the first official days prgramming on Unity Interactive Radio.

Join us every day for a new music stream and new podcast programming each and every
day, themed and assembled to provide the very best in entertainment and learrning. 

Powered by soundcloud Unity Interactive brings the joy of exploring new and upcoming
artists to you.  Each time you listen to and like one of the tracks we have selected from the
insanely large soundcloud library you help a new artist to become the artist you want them
to be.  We provide the window into a truly refined selection of what is available in the hope
that we can help to promote new artists and that you the listener might find your next up
and coming favorite.

To add to the world of music, talk shows, lectures and more that we are able to bring you
we have begun to record our own audio content to bring to Unity and the world.  It is our
hope that we can become on of the worlds premier sourrces and providers of New Thought
education and content, in order to help the message of New Thought giants such as Charles
Fillmore to travel to as many people as is humanly possible.  Through Unity Interactive we
hope to grow the global Unity and New Thought community to unprecidented heights.

To that end Unity Interactive does not provide a fixed programming experience that you just
have to listen to.  We call it interactive because that is exactly what it is and aims to be. 
If you don't like a track, simply click forward to the next one. 

Want to listen to a favorite agin? Sure just click back to it.  Maybe you would like to skip
through a talk or lecture to see if you might find it interesting, why not? With Unity
Interactive Radio the control is in your hands, listen the way you want, how you want and
when you want.

Click the button to take a look and find out more....... uir fin

Going forward Unity Interactive Radio will be encouraging people to submit ideas for
podcasts in an effort to promote and introduce the best new thinkers and talent in the
spiritual, philosophical and sccientific disciplines.  We want to bring the most up to date
thinking to you the listeners so that you can continue to build your own faith and beliefs
with your own hands and in your own way.

Welcome to Unity Interactive Radio.



By Brett Pritchard.