Metaphysical Metaphors!

My father died when I was four and Nan came to live with us until she died about forty years later. Possibly as most Nans do, she used to read stories to my sister and I at bedtime and we would ask her “what was on for tonight?” and she would answer, “We will talk about the talk abouts.” Christopher Robbins, of AA Milne, was a favourite of my Talk Abouts, and the discovery of the metaphor of the story of “Lost in the 100 Acre Wood” was a real wake up for me.

The story starts when Rabbit is annoyed with Tigger, who is always joyful and 'bouncing' so Rabbit asks Pooh and Piglet to accompany him into the woods where they will loose Tigger, to teach him a lesson. Guess who gets lost? Not Tigger, but the other three. So Rabbit, decides to 'rabbit' around and find the way home. After a few vain attempt, Pooh says to Piglet, “lets go home.” Piglet says, “How will we find the way?” and Pooh replies, “There are jars of honey in the cupboard calling to me.” and so they find their way home.

The metaphor is for Meditation: Often, when we are not happy, or too busy, we haven't got time for the 'bouncing joyfulness' of Tigger. When we get lost in a situation, we 'rabbit' around trying to find out what to do or how to get out of it. In the midst of our 'lostness' when we take a moment to become still and know that I AM God. We find we are called to our heart centre and find out way home, often in spite of the situation that had concerned us. In Eric Fromm's book The Art of Loving, he likens the 'Land of Milk and Honey' in the Bible as a coming home to mothers milk and fathers search for quality in life. And it is all within us all the time. On a light touch, Kristy txt me recently, she loves her puppy, and said Abraham and Sarah entered the Land of Canine.

In loving unity

Graeme Johnson