Today we continue with the 12 powers as set out by Charles Fillmore.                                                                    

The subject is Elimination or Renunciation which he places in the lower abdomen.                                                                                                      

The colour is Russet which I find impossible to wear and the Disciple is Thaddaeus of whom we know very little. In the Gospels he is sometimes given the extra name of Judas, not to be confused with Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus, and in the Gospel of Matthew he is also called Lebbaeus whose surname was Thaddaeus. Although his naming is confusing it is certain that Thaddaeus was a dedicated follower of Jesus and his teachings.

In our quote from Charles Fillmore this morning it is made clear that we must get rid of any congestion in the mind or body and there must be a renunciation, renunciation meaning abstaining from, so we abstain from old thoughts and habits, before our new refined consciousness can be formed to uplift both mind and body into health and wholeness.


He goes on to say that  self-analysis must be performed to reveal the way in which the individual mind acts to manifest  its thoughts into form. So we must work on ourselves until we reach such a level of self-awareness that we are always cognisant of our motives behind our thoughts and actions and also aware of what we are capable of manifesting with our thought and actions.                                                

The Twelve Powers Of Man P.143.                                                                                                                                                                                              

So, self-knowledge is the key to our development as we have said from this platform many times. We must become very much aware of our beliefs, thoughts and habits so that we can take dominion over them and actively change them to produce better outcomes. Then, we will find it is best to drop our aimless thinking and to think deliberately of the highest good for all concerned in every situation.  

Mahatma Gandhi, leader of the Indian Independence Movement who advocated non-violence said: “Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny.”  So True!

Gandhi is so right! Until we have dominion over all these aspects of Mind we are powerless. We have no idea of the destiny we are unknowingly building for ourselves! So take dominion! Examine your beliefs. Are they giving you joy or are they keeping you in doubt and indecision?  Are your thoughts, words and actions decisive and leading you to positive outcomes?   Look at your habits of thought and action, are they so engrained that they will take a lot of dedicated work to change them to be more positive and uplifting? Remember that the thoughts you are thinking now, this very minute, are building your personal world, your values and your destiny! Better to do it knowingly than to find yourself living in circumstances you do not like or want. But how wonderful to know that we can change our world in an instant just by changing our thoughts!

I guess all your values here must be good and spiritually inclined or you would not be sitting here in this Sanctuary. So make the decision now to renounce all self-defeating thoughts,  limitations, and habits that are standing in the way of you expressing your truly Spiritual Self.  

Renunciation or Elimination has always been prescribed by Charles Fillmore and all spiritual philosophies down through the Ages. We must renounce and let go of all that is standing in the way of our inner growth and all that is dimming our Spiritual Light. Fillmore tells us that preoccupation with the pleasures of the flesh and continual impure thoughts, debases the body cells and they eventually break down into bodily ill health.  Better to turn inward and express our innate love to all beings and so lift the consciousness to a higher Spiritual state.

The early Christians warned against Vanity, Self-aggrandisement, Greed for material things, Covetousness and warned of the seven deadly sins:  Pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony,wrath and sloth. For all of these apply to the human self. However when we renounce these things and vow to abstain from them then we lift ourselves up to the inborn power of the Holy Spirit. We then live for the glorification of God in all that we do.

Buddha advised that the pleasures of the senses and of this material world are transient and limited and must be renounced so that we give up all selfish desires and all the illusory thoughts that make up the human idea of the self. We must give up all attachment to outcomes and to material possessions. We then find that our awareness expands to find the Higher Self, the Spiritual Self that transcends all the bonds of human attachment to bring us an awareness of how to live a wholesome life with wholesome outcomes. We can then live in peace as we watch the world, unmoved by the worldly phenomena always changing around us. Living mindfully, continually aware of the consequences of our actions we live compassionately and lovingly with all creatures, all other human beings. We live consciously as a completely whole person. So, said the Buddha!

But to get to this stage we must first realize our true identity. There comes a time when we feel the inner soul-urge to be one with our Creator, one with our inner God-self. Just living as a human is not enough. We need to express our true spiritual identity and live our true spiritual nature.

Born of Spirit we have all the spiritual inherencies just waiting to express all the Love, Wisdom, Power and Goodness that God Is! It is then that we truly enter our Prayer-life and commune with our indwelling God-self. In prayer and meditation, we turn inward to receive the guidance of the “still small voice” which becomes louder as time goes on. Mine actually yells at me in my right ear if I am being too wayward and so I quickly follow its direction.

We discover that this inner guidance gives us the strength to cope with all the ups and downs of daily life. We are strengthened, enlivened and empowered by the indwelling Spirit which will never let us down. We renounce the little human self and give thanks as we transform into our larger Spiritual Self. We learn to say: “ Not my will but thine be done.” for we know that God’s will is for All Good.  

However, with this transformation comes responsibilities. We now know that our thoughts have great power, our thoughts shape substance and manifest the conditions around us, so we learn to think only positive wholesome thoughts that uplift us and benefit all who come in contact with us. It becomes evident that we are the arbiters of our own lives and so we take responsibility for our actions.  We know we have the power to change situations and conditions just by changing our thoughts and taking our ideas to Spirit in prayer. Affirmative prayer, we do not beg or beseech Spirit for anything for we know that God has already given us every good thing and we just have to affirm our God-given Good for it to manifest. Born of Spirit, immersed in omnipresent  Spirit, there can be no separation, we are already one with God and one with  all that is!

The Divine Presence is indwelling, we just have to turn inward for guidance, for healing and for the sense of loving oneness with all that is!  How wonderful when we recognize our loving oneness!  How wonderful when we realize that we don’t have a soul, we are all living souls, our souls just waiting to be nurtured until we can bring forth the power of the Holy Spirit within to help us as we co-create our fruitful lives and rebuild this wonderful world.

We must also take responsibility for our feelings. We no longer suppress any unpleasant feelings. We don’t wallow in them but we face them and explore them and we realize there is no point in pasting a positive affirmation over a bad feeling. It will just expand and grow and eventually manifest as ill- health.

So offer up your bad feelings in prayer to Divine Intelligence and It will soon direct you in ways to neutralise them. You will be directed to the right avenue for help or you will have sudden insights into just how to handle them to achieve inner growth. All will unfold naturally to expand your conscious awareness of your inner state of Being. 

Nature does not like a vacuum so as soon as we renounce all self-defeating thoughts our more positive affirmations will fill our consciousness. We can repeat daily:

I am the mind of God in action so only good can be my experience. I am strong and healthy, energetic and wealthy. I am empowered by my faith in God’s Divine Presence at the core of my being. I have an attitude of gratitude that nourishes me with all that is Good and wholesome. And there are many other affirmations we can use to weed out our negative thoughts and refine our consciousness so that we can accept our Truth principles and happily live by them. We must learn to live our truth otherwise it is just empty words we are repeating.

We also have Denials. We do not deny a difficult situation, we do not deny that we have an illness but we do deny that these unpleasant things have any power over us. We know that there is only one Mind, there is only one God, only one Power and it is Spiritual power that will overcome all our life difficulties. So, take your denials to Divine Intelligence in Prayer, and believing  wholeheartedly in the power of the Holy Spirit, we will be healed. Jesus, our Master Teacher told us many times to “Be not afraid,only Believe.”   Mark 5:36 And all will be well.                                                                                                                                                

To live by the truth is to know the truth: We are born of God’s infinite Spirit, so we are born of infinite Love and we are born to express that love to all creatures, to all fellow beings, for love is the Holy Glue that holds us all together. We don’t have to search for love, we just have to be love, to express love to all around us. Then love will come to us in the very way it is needed and we will live in this world lovingly.

When we awaken to our inherent Divine nature, and we give thanks for our indwelling Divinity, we then open the gates to the infinite wisdom flowing from our Creator/God, the Source of our Being. Our consciousness is refined as it becomes in-filled with Spiritual Power, Infinite Knowledge and Understanding that lifts us up into new Life.

Then we understand the Psalmist who asked, “Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.” Psalms 51:10. I As we leave here today let us give thanks for our new life and our own indwelling Divinity.

God Bless.                                                                  Rev. Dr. Sylvia S. Eriksson. 26/11/2017.