Unity: A Quest For Truth.

I was led to read this around 4 years ago. I found it a short and simple read. It was like a breath of fresh air. And gave me renewed hope.  No wonder Eric Butterworth is one of my favourite authors!

He communicates simple basic Truths; ones I find I can relate to, understand and embrace.

It came to me at a perfect time during my separation and questioning of Unity of Melbourne.

He helped me clear confusions around why I was attracted to Unity and what I was doing at, and why I was attending Unity of Melbourne. He clarified that Unity is not a Church. It is a group of fellow travellers on a scientific self-discovery and self-improvement awakening to Spirit, meeting in a trusted environment to deepen our understanding, and to support each other.  Through the metaphysical interpretations, meanings and understanding I was able to start building a real foundation on which to reenergise my thinking and regain my faith in creating my dream life.

He explained the need for a practiced spirituality. And that by thinking about some simple processes in a new way, and committing to regular practice, I would change my thinking, habits and actions. I would become aware of whether the thoughts I was feeding and giving my time and energy to, were taking me in my chosen direction. And if not, what to do about them. He educated me in the spiritual law and order that has stood the test of time and how to use this to release my own imprisoned splendour!! That the working of this lies in mans undiscovered faculty of Faith.

I was ready as I had tried many things and now had nowhere else to go but within to find an open ended stream of helpful concepts that fill this need. What is being revealed to me is ongoing and continually amazing. To begin to find the same healing power as demonstrated by Jesus, let the same mind be in me that was also in my Creator, all through self-management of my mind!!!!

Of course there have been challenges- to work through and be open to a new science of prayer which works through a new technique of spiritual healing, a new definition of prosperity, and a new definition of our Creators abundance is creating a new feeling of peace within me that “passeth all understanding!!!”

I have re-read this book at least 4 times now and am looking forward to taking my understanding and being this to a new level in this weekend’s intensive workshop on this book with Graeme Johnson at Unity of Melbourne in Burwood..  I am beginning to see and have firsthand experiences of having the courage of standing face to face with my Creator, asking the specific questions about issues I want help with, to be open to hearing His communication, feel his presence in my soul and have the Truth to my questions revealed to me.  This is now my foundation upon which I live in and I wish all those who are looking for self-empowerment and self-responsibility to experience and embrace the positives that are possible for you. After all, our Purpose for being here is to create the life and world of our dreams, isn’t it?

John Warnock.

Sunday 8th January, 2017.