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FEELING YOUR WAY By Graeme Johnson

First let’s discern the difference between feeling and sensation. Sensation is relative to external stimuli, hot, cold, sweet, sour taste. Feeling is the internal energy we access only by our thought, happy, sad, angry, loving, joyful.  We often frustrate and then depress our feelings by not firstly acknowledging them for what they are- pure energy- not good or bad, just energy.

We can not have good or bad feelings, only good or bad thoughts/labels we place on feelings.  Feelings are purely energy with which we produce what we focus our thoughts on.

In everyone, our thoughts are our male/masculine and our feelings are our feminine nature.

Our Bible/bibliography on Holiness/Wholeness, we read (Gen.1:27) So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. (28) And God blessed them and God said, be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth… (2:22) And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman...(23) And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh:  she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of man. (24) Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall,cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

Metaphysically this means,  Our feelings come from within us, and are named/called by our male/thoughts. Together, our thoughts and feelings produce , and it is up to us to decide what we want them to produce.  If we are continually guided by our fathers and mothers ideas, we get no where, There comes a point where we need to mature and take control of our own lives, thoughts and feelings. When we listen to our own Inner Lord God Self, we bring into expression according to the Lord, our Spiritual Law of unfoldment.

Physically we see a man as representing thoughts and a woman representing feelings, and whether we like it or not, we are dominated by our thoughts/labels and our feelings merely produce what we are thinking, the seed thoughts we are continually sowing. The man sows the seed and the woman conceives and produces the offspring.  

We get all involved in the “equality” issue, when, in fact, we can only have equality when a man can conceive and produce a baby, and a woman can sow the seed. Ridiculous Aye!

So, let’s be much more conscious of the thoughts we are thinking and therefore see the feelings producing what we want in life, rather than focus on what we don’t want, or fear, and get more of that.

We need to stop trying to change our feelings and learn to change the thoughts/labels, then the feelings will  produce from the New Thought.  In Unity/New Thought we say, “Change your thinking - change your life.” Let’s extend that to “Change your thinking and change your world and the world.”  If it’s going to be, it’s up to me.

Unity minister with Unity Bayside in Frankston.

Graeme W. Johnson

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                                              Building Faith.                             Rev. Sylvia Eriksson

                    “Arise, go thy way: thy faith hath made thee whole.”              Luke 17:19

We build our faith by recognizing the responsiveness of Spirit to our thoughts and prayers. Every time we set a firm intent to accomplish a goal, the required energies of the universe fall in line with our directive thought to bring our goal into fruition.

Early in our spiritual growth these happenings seem to be fortuitous coincidences but,

as we recognize more demonstrations of God’s hand moving through our circumstances, there comes the realization that there are no coincidences, Spirit is responding to our firm intentions.

The more demonstrations we receive, the more our faith is strengthened.

We then realize that our faith shapes Substance by changing the conditions around us by bringing about new and more favourable conditions that favour our firm intent.

As we recognize this God-given power, we build up our faith and use it to bless ourselves and all whom we meet.

As we see God’s power manifesting in our lives, so we also build up our faith in our own spiritual understanding.

We have found our truth that frees us from our previous ignorance.

It is as Jesus said, “ And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

                                                                                                                          John 8:32

However, we cannot sit idle and expect God to do all the work.

St James tells us that “faith without works is dead.”                                      James 2:20

There is a saying in Unity and New Thought: “ Treat but move your feet.”

So while we are treating for healing or life changes we also move ourselves in the direction of our intentions by doing all we can to prepare ourselves for our new life.

This means working on ourselves until we have the skills and personal attributes needed to cope successfully with our new-found place in life.

Charles Fillmore tells us:

“Faith in the reality of things spiritual develops the faith center in the brain, called the pineal gland, when this mental eye is illuminated with spiritual faith it sheds a radiance that hovers like a halo around the head  and extends  in lessening degree throughout the whole body.

‘When thine eye be single, thy whole body is full of light.’

The halo that early artists painted around the heads of saints was not imaginary, but real .  This illuminating power of faith covers the whole constitution of man, making him master of all the forces centering about spiritual consciousness.

Faith and Prayer go hand in hand.”

Charles Fillmore –Christian Healing – P, 89.

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Political Correctness – gone wrong:

Government or legally imposed Political Correctness is one thing, but Self Imposed Political Correctness is dynamite.   This is where we are seeing a major health problem in the treatment of something that does not need to exist at all. Why do we have such a huge problem, even making front page of our newspapers, and  dramatic fund-raising drives for “after the fact” treatment of depression?

For forty years I have worked with the absolutely vital need for people to express their feelings creatively, not destructively. And how is this done? You may ask.

Well, when you feel like “knocking someone’s block off,” or are feeling scared stiff of something, you have very strong feelings.  Right? Feelings are the energy that will support you in achieving anything that you want in life, but they must be handled with wisdom, or they will hurt you.

Instead of allowing your feelings to control you, you do have the ability to control and manage them creatively. And how is this done?

Using what has now become know as Neuro-plasticity in our brain.  What is that?  It is the ability for the brain to be reprogrammed to change itself and therefore everything in your world.  Read on...

I call it the RADAR Process

The RADAR process is a major part of my work as a Unity/New Thought minister/counsellor. 

The first R:  stands for recognise.  To recognise the feelings we have about a situation.

A:  Accept the feeling as energy that we need to direct creatively instead of destructively.

D:  Stands for deny.  To deny power to the negative label we have on the feeling.

A:  Affirm what we want to experience, now that we give no power to the negative.

R:  Receive/Rejoice. Because now, possibly with a little time, we finally have access to the energy of the feeling for creative purposes.

When one person does this, it becomes contagious, and others pick up the vibes.  Gradually, "Our world" and eventually "The world" is healed.


PS:  Radar works by sending out a light wave that bounces off an object and returns to estimate distance, location, speed etc. As we send out our light into our world, (Ye are the light of the world) it bounces off someone or something and returns to us where we make a decision on how we receive it, or what it is telling us.  As we choose to transform the returning light, by using the RADAR process, into positive creative energy, instead of judgemental destructive energy, we are healed and prospered in every way, and, our world becomes healed as we share the creative energy and others experience it,  often asking us, "How come you are doing so well?"  Amen.

Graeme W. Johnson minister Unity Bayside in Frankston.

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REFLECTIONS with Rev Bill.

“We being many are one body in Christ, and every one member’s one of another.”

(Romans 12: 5)

There comes a time in our awareness that we realize that everything that has happened to us in the past, joy, sorrow, pleasure and pain are all part of our spiritual growth in this mystery school of life. Wherever we find ourselves at the moment is where we are meant to be. What we are experiencing right now is exactly what we need for our soul’s journey.

In an earlier part of my life, I read about a mysterious secret abbey in the Andes, and hidden ashrams in the Himalayas. Maybe this was where I could gain “spiritual awakening”?

My life at that time was the out picturing of earlier dreams, a lesson in itself as proof of the power of my thoughts, only then I did not realize the significance of this.

At that time, I never made it to these “outer” ashrams and abbey, but was lead to a book that included the statement “The only way out is in”. After some contemplation, I understood that this was referring to the mystery school within myself. It is here through meditation and contemplation; I perceived that I AM GOD IN ACTION. What a responsibility. I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT I AM RIGHT NOW.

We can read many books and meditate alone, but it is in dealing with our fellow travelers in the ups and downs of living that we gain the practical experience of living and working out the truth we have uncovered within ourselves. Unconditional Love in particular!

I feel we can call where we are at the moment a mystery school, not only inside us, but also in the hustle and bustle of the market place of life, interacting work wise and socially with people of differing beliefs and cultures. Here we become practical mystics living the eternal life now.


                        Here we can put into action The Fifth Unity Principle.


Knowing and understanding the laws of life, also called Truth, are not enough.

                           A person must also live the Truth that they know.

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Unity: A Quest For Truth.

I was led to read this around 4 years ago. I found it a short and simple read. It was like a breath of fresh air. And gave me renewed hope.  No wonder Eric Butterworth is one of my favourite authors!

He communicates simple basic Truths; ones I find I can relate to, understand and embrace.

It came to me at a perfect time during my separation and questioning of Unity of Melbourne.

He helped me clear confusions around why I was attracted to Unity and what I was doing at, and why I was attending Unity of Melbourne. He clarified that Unity is not a Church. It is a group of fellow travellers on a scientific self-discovery and self-improvement awakening to Spirit, meeting in a trusted environment to deepen our understanding, and to support each other.  Through the metaphysical interpretations, meanings and understanding I was able to start building a real foundation on which to reenergise my thinking and regain my faith in creating my dream life.

He explained the need for a practiced spirituality. And that by thinking about some simple processes in a new way, and committing to regular practice, I would change my thinking, habits and actions. I would become aware of whether the thoughts I was feeding and giving my time and energy to, were taking me in my chosen direction. And if not, what to do about them. He educated me in the spiritual law and order that has stood the test of time and how to use this to release my own imprisoned splendour!! That the working of this lies in mans undiscovered faculty of Faith.

I was ready as I had tried many things and now had nowhere else to go but within to find an open ended stream of helpful concepts that fill this need. What is being revealed to me is ongoing and continually amazing. To begin to find the same healing power as demonstrated by Jesus, let the same mind be in me that was also in my Creator, all through self-management of my mind!!!!

Of course there have been challenges- to work through and be open to a new science of prayer which works through a new technique of spiritual healing, a new definition of prosperity, and a new definition of our Creators abundance is creating a new feeling of peace within me that “passeth all understanding!!!”

I have re-read this book at least 4 times now and am looking forward to taking my understanding and being this to a new level in this weekend’s intensive workshop on this book with Graeme Johnson at Unity of Melbourne in Burwood..  I am beginning to see and have firsthand experiences of having the courage of standing face to face with my Creator, asking the specific questions about issues I want help with, to be open to hearing His communication, feel his presence in my soul and have the Truth to my questions revealed to me.  This is now my foundation upon which I live in and I wish all those who are looking for self-empowerment and self-responsibility to experience and embrace the positives that are possible for you. After all, our Purpose for being here is to create the life and world of our dreams, isn’t it?

John Warnock.

Sunday 8th January, 2017.

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download29b84adb torage 2femulated 2f0 2fPictures 2fImage 20Editor 2fUntitled 2The Unity Family of Multimedia Services Continues to Grow.

Spirituality has never stopped being a concern of the average person in the street and spirituality will continue to be a major concern amongst many people for a long time to come..... 

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 Interfaith - Building a community

Unity as an organisation is an active supporter of the worldwide Interfaith movement, helping to bring people together across different faiths and supporting tolerance and sharing between different groups.....


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Silent Unity a Quiet Hope.

Within the Unity Global family is something that provides a quiet and constant comfort for thousands each week. I refer of course to the Silent Unity program which gives free access to prayer services for all.....

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sylvia currentA Meditation with Rev. Dr. Sylvia Eriksson.....

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Rev Bill

A Meditation with Rev. William Livingston.

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing power of your mind.  ~ Romans 12:12.......

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Unity Seeks Expressions of Interest.....

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 My Take on Prosperity mcstood j   
By McStroodle Jones

Prosperity means many different things to many different people and like most I have my own   concept of  this particular idea.  I learned what prosperity truly is for me by reading scripture   and attempting to make  sense of it in a modern world.....

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Unity Interactive Radio Bigger and Better for 2016

Unity of Melbourne's brand new internet Radio station launches today.....

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Unity of Melbourne Download Library Continues to Grow. 

We have some great new titles in the Unity of Melbourne Download Library Head over to the Unity of Melbourne Download Library we add new titles every week with many of the New Thought classics as well as contemporary works.....