Metaphysical Metaphors!

My father died when I was four and Nan came to live with us until she died about forty years later. Possibly as most Nans do, she used to read stories to my sister and I at bedtime and we would ask her “what was on for tonight?” and she would answer, “We will talk about the talk abouts.” Christopher Robbins, of AA Milne, was a favourite of my Talk Abouts, and the discovery of the metaphor of the story of “Lost in the 100 Acre Wood” was a real wake up for me.

The story starts when Rabbit is annoyed with Tigger, who is always joyful and 'bouncing' so Rabbit asks Pooh and Piglet to accompany him into the woods where they will loose Tigger, to teach him a lesson. Guess who gets lost? Not Tigger, but the other three. So Rabbit, decides to 'rabbit' around and find the way home. After a few vain attempt, Pooh says to Piglet, “lets go home.” Piglet says, “How will we find the way?” and Pooh replies, “There are jars of honey in the cupboard calling to me.” and so they find their way home.


Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas
An expression of happy memories
With that delving into the religious
Our summer of light, yet still we're lighting candles
Yet change is always inevitable
Instead of being Christmas-merry
The forecast is to be less visible
Moving into 'happy holiday' terms, as the ancillary
Is it being politically correct in a multicultural clique?
Where others would sooner take control and steer
Perhaps it would not be celebrated at all, with that critique
Except for the fact that it is the biggest sale of the year



Today we continue with the 12 powers as set out by Charles Fillmore.                                                                    

The subject is Elimination or Renunciation which he places in the lower abdomen.                                                                                                      

The colour is Russet which I find impossible to wear and the Disciple is Thaddaeus of whom we know very little. In the Gospels he is sometimes given the extra name of Judas, not to be confused with Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus, and in the Gospel of Matthew he is also called Lebbaeus whose surname was Thaddaeus. Although his naming is confusing it is certain that Thaddaeus was a dedicated follower of Jesus and his teachings.

In our quote from Charles Fillmore this morning it is made clear that we must get rid of any congestion in the mind or body and there must be a renunciation, renunciation meaning abstaining from, so we abstain from old thoughts and habits, before our new refined consciousness can be formed to uplift both mind and body into health and wholeness.

FEELING YOUR WAY By Graeme Johnson

First let’s discern the difference between feeling and sensation. Sensation is relative to external stimuli, hot, cold, sweet, sour taste. Feeling is the internal energy we access only by our thought, happy, sad, angry, loving, joyful.  We often frustrate and then depress our feelings by not firstly acknowledging them for what they are- pure energy- not good or bad, just energy.

We can not have good or bad feelings, only good or bad thoughts/labels we place on feelings.  Feelings are purely energy with which we produce what we focus our thoughts on.

In everyone, our thoughts are our male/masculine and our feelings are our feminine nature.

                                              Building Faith.                             Rev. Sylvia Eriksson

                    “Arise, go thy way: thy faith hath made thee whole.”              Luke 17:19

We build our faith by recognizing the responsiveness of Spirit to our thoughts and prayers. Every time we set a firm intent to accomplish a goal, the required energies of the universe fall in line with our directive thought to bring our goal into fruition.

Early in our spiritual growth these happenings seem to be fortuitous coincidences but,

as we recognize more demonstrations of God’s hand moving through our circumstances, there comes the realization that there are no coincidences, Spirit is responding to our firm intentions.

The more demonstrations we receive, the more our faith is strengthened.

We then realize that our faith shapes Substance by changing the conditions around us by bringing about new and more favourable conditions that favour our firm intent.

Political Correctness – gone wrong:

Government or legally imposed Political Correctness is one thing, but Self Imposed Political Correctness is dynamite.   This is where we are seeing a major health problem in the treatment of something that does not need to exist at all. Why do we have such a huge problem, even making front page of our newspapers, and  dramatic fund-raising drives for “after the fact” treatment of depression?

For forty years I have worked with the absolutely vital need for people to express their feelings creatively, not destructively. And how is this done? You may ask.

REFLECTIONS with Rev Bill.

“We being many are one body in Christ, and every one member’s one of another.”

(Romans 12: 5)

There comes a time in our awareness that we realize that everything that has happened to us in the past, joy, sorrow, pleasure and pain are all part of our spiritual growth in this mystery school of life. Wherever we find ourselves at the moment is where we are meant to be. What we are experiencing right now is exactly what we need for our soul’s journey.

In an earlier part of my life, I read about a mysterious secret abbey in the Andes, and hidden ashrams in the Himalayas. Maybe this was where I could gain “spiritual awakening”?

Unity: A Quest For Truth.

I was led to read this around 4 years ago. I found it a short and simple read. It was like a breath of fresh air. And gave me renewed hope.  No wonder Eric Butterworth is one of my favourite authors!

He communicates simple basic Truths; ones I find I can relate to, understand and embrace.

It came to me at a perfect time during my separation and questioning of Unity of Melbourne.

download29b84adb torage 2femulated 2f0 2fPictures 2fImage 20Editor 2fUntitled 2The Unity Family of Multimedia Services Continues to Grow.

Spirituality has never stopped being a concern of the average person in the street and spirituality will continue to be a major concern amongst many people for a long time to come..... 

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 Interfaith - Building a community

Unity as an organisation is an active supporter of the worldwide Interfaith movement, helping to bring people together across different faiths and supporting tolerance and sharing between different groups.....


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Silent Unity a Quiet Hope.

Within the Unity Global family is something that provides a quiet and constant comfort for thousands each week. I refer of course to the Silent Unity program which gives free access to prayer services for all.....


Rev Bill

A Meditation with Rev. William Livingston.

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing power of your mind.  ~ Romans 12:12.......

 My Take on Prosperity mcstood j   
By McStroodle Jones

Prosperity means many different things to many different people and like most I have my own   concept of  this particular idea.  I learned what prosperity truly is for me by reading scripture   and attempting to make  sense of it in a modern world.....

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