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During September, we continue our study of The Twelve Powers.

The Power for September is ORDER. The colour is Olive Green and the Disciple is James Son of Alphaeus who signifies the faculty of Order. The location of this faculty is in the navel.

Alexander pope wrote “Order is Heavens first Law.” and in Ecclesiastes 3 : 1 we read

“To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under Heaven.”

If there were, no order the Cosmos would be chaos.

When we start school, we start with something simple then progress onto the next level of understanding. To play a Piano Sonata we start off learning to play the notes one at a time, then working through the different ascending levels of proficiency, there is no short cut to this process.

Nature is order, the seasons follow one another, day follows night, and the tide comes in and out according to tidal law and order. 

From The Revealing Word by Charles Fillmore we read

“The Divine Idea of Order is the idea of adjustment, and as this is established in our thoughts, our mind and affairs will be at one with Universal Harmony.”

Affirmation…I claim my Power of Order Now. I organize and balance my life according to Divine Ideas…The Divine Blueprint of my life.

During the month of September our speakers will be talking about ORDER and also chapter 10 from “Lessons in Truth” by H. Emilie Cady.

Speakers include:

Sept. 9th Jenette Youngman…

Sept. 16th Rev Graeme Johnson …

Sept 23rd Rev. Dr. Sylvia Eriksson and

Sept. 30th Sheila Lamont-Stacey.


Note: On Saturday Sept 22nd I will commencing an introductory course on “The Unity Five Principles” This will be from 10.30 AM till Noon for five weeks.

Check our Facebook out for any weekly events and notices.

We have also put up the recording of previous talks for those unable to attend our Sunday Mornings.





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